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What is glib used for? Is G_object_ref thread safe? If the reference count of array is greater than one, the GArray wrapper is preserved but the size of array will be set to zero. GLib Reference Manual: Mailing lists and bug reports. GLib Reference Manual: Top | Description: Limits of Basic Types. GLib Reference Manual:. There are primitives for mutexes to protect the access to portions of memory (GMutex, GRecMutex and GRWLock).

Note: in this section, the loop, context and source arguments are must be pointers to a GMainLoop, a GMainContext and a GSource respectively. h> include GLib Reference Manual - 0. The general policy of GLib is that all functions are invisibly threadsafe with the exception of data structure manipulation functions, where, if you have two threads manipulating the same data structure, they must use a lock to synchronize their operation. 12, this function returns the length of the output string. 0 Poppler PopplerDocument — Information about a document PopplerPage — Information about a page in a document. 4 GLib Overview Compiling the GLib package — How to glib reference manual compile GLib itself.

For me, GStreamer took the most time to understand. For GLib functions, such as single GIO operations, this is not necessary, and complicates the code. Reference counting — Reference counting types and. 3 The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at. 3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. This is done with the pkg-config utility. GLib is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU LGPL).

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1. Thus if the GLib-using code uses a different C library than GLib does, the file descriptor returned by this function cannot be passed to C library functions like write() or read(). Creates a new GHashTable with a reference count of 1.

A common use for GThreads is to move a long-running blocking operation out of the main thread and into a worker thread. What are thread-related functions in GLib? Sign up to help translate or start your own project. 0 -- Incompatible changes made between version 1. Most refcounting functions such as g_object_ref () are also thread-safe. Tools Reference glib-mkenums — C language enum description generation utility glib-genmarshal — C code marshaller generation utility for GLib closures gobject-query — display a tree of types IV. GLib Reference Manual >.

Compiling the GLib Package — How to compile GLib itself Building the Library on UNIX On UNIX, GLib uses the standard GNU build system, using autoconf for package configuration and resolving portability issues, automake for building makefiles that comply with the GNU Coding Standards, and libtool for building shared libraries on multiple. Please read The Main Event Loop section from the Glib reference manual for a complete description. 0 Mailing glib reference manual lists and bug reports -- Getting help with GLib GLib Fundamentals Basic Types -- standard GLib types, defined for ease-of-use and portability. Table of Contents GLib Fundamentals Basic Types — standard GLib types, defined for ease-of-use and portability.

GLib provides the core application building blocks for libraries and applications written in C. What is a reference manual? (for reference only) Caches — caches allow sharing of complex data structures to save resources Relations and. HTML - one web page per node. The GLib Object System, or GObject, is a free software library providing a portable object system and transparent cross-language interoperability. include struct GArray; GArray. GLib Reference Manual To compile a GLib application, you need to tell the compiler where to find the GLib header files and libraries.

GObject is designed for use both directly in C programs to provide object-oriented C-based APIs and through bindings to other languages to provide transparent cross-language interoperability, e. Try out the "maman bar" examples found in the GObject Reference Manual. jsc_context_get_current () JSCContext * jsc_context_get_current (void);. h> Description GKeyFile lets you parse, edit or create files containing groups of key-value pairs, which we call "key files" for lack of a better name. 26, GLib&39;s accompanying GIO library provides a high-level API for D-Bus, "GDBus", based on an independent reimplementation of the D-Bus protocol.

f Returns a pointer to a new GMainLoop. Do not use it in new code. 3, this function may return -1 if the output was truncated, and the truncated string may not be nul-terminated. By default, the macro expands to const.

In versions prior to 1. GLib Reference Manual is being translated to 2 languages on Transifex. If G_DISABLE_CONST_RETURNS is defined, this macro expands to nothing. The aim of the thread-related functions in GLib is to provide a portable means for writing multi-threaded software. 32, the GLib threading system is automatically initialized at the start of your program, and all thread-creation functions and synchronization primitives are available right away.

Glib reference manual

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